Questions & Advice

Do I need to be at home while the painting is being carried out?

No, you don’t need to be at home; most people are working and give us a key; I insure that when I leave, that the house or property is locked up securely.

I was thinking of having my painting done when I go away; is this possible?

Yes. If you’re away for a few days, you can leave the keys with me and I will do my best to have the job completed before you return. Of course, this depends on my availability and also the physical location of the job.

Will there be many painters in my house?

I work alone 99% of the time so you won’t have to worry about there being any more than 1 in your house at any given time.

What brand of paint will be used?

If you’re supplying the paint, I will advise which brand I think is the best for the job in question.

If I’m supplying the paint I will discuss with you before work is carried out which brand I’d recommend and if it’s within your budget I’ll use it.

I prefer to use good quality brands of paint because they give a better finish and last longer. Colourtrend, Farrow & Ball, Dulux, etc.

Should I use cheap or non-branded paint?

The better the brand, the better the finish. A cheap brand will take longer to apply and will need more coats to cover, it won’t last as long or look as well. In the long run, cheaper paint costs more!

What’s the best brand of paint?

In my opinion Colourtrend is by far the most superior paint on the market for both interior & exterior. It is quite expensive, especially the interior paint, compared to other brands, but it’s worth it.

For interior, a 10 litre bucket of Colourtrend in a colour is about €95 for matt emulsion. Ceramic Matt is their best paint for walls, but it’s priced at about €110 per 10 litre bucket of colour.

For exterior, Colourtrend is the best paint for all exterior work. For a 10 litre bucket of Colourtrend in a colour it will cost about €65, whereas Dulux will cost about €55, but for the extra €10 it’s well worth it.

For wood such as doors, skirting, architrave & stairs a 5 litre can of Colourtrend satinwood waterbased will cost about €70.

The best branded paints are Colourtrend, Dulux, Farrow & Ball & Crown.

What types of finishes are there to paint?

There are many types of finishes with paint, and they all differ in terms of interior, exterior & timber.

Interior: – Matt, a very flat finish with little to no shine on the walls. It’s the most common finish that people prefer in their house, but it might not be suitable if you have small children or pets as it’s quite a hard paint to clean.

– Mid-sheen, this is a paint with low amount of shine. It costs a little bit more to buy, but it’s preferred by homeowners with small children or pets in their home as the walls are easily wiped clean.

– Silk, not commonly used anymore. It’s a very shiny paint, the walls nearly look wet all the time. It gives a very cold feeling to a room.

Exterior:    Most of the exterior paints, whether it’s Colourtrend, Dulux, Crown etc, will have a certain amount of a shine in them, but it’s not very noticeable.

Timber:    There are 2 types of bases in timber paint. Oil based & waterbased. Oil based was more commonly used in the past. It’s a tougher paint but the downsides are it takes very long to dry and leaves a strong odour that will stay in the home for a few days.

Waterbased paint has become more commonly used today. The plus side of this paint is that it dries very quickly and the odours are quite low.

Whether you choose oil based or waterbased timber paint, the following applies in terms of their finish;

– Satinwood, a flat finish with only minimal shine. It’s more commonly used nowadays.

– Eggshell, a very flat finish.

– Gloss, a very shiny paint/varnish

Do you do wallpapering?

No. I feel I’m not skilled enough at wallpapering and therefore I always advise homeowners to hire a wallpaper expert separately to me.

There’s no point in me telling you otherwise, charging you, and then doing a bad job – that’s not how I operate.

Do you spray paint?

Short answer, no! For exterior painting I feel the wind conditions have to be perfect in order to spray paint, but unfortunately in Ireland those conditions are few and far between.

For interior painting I use rollers & brushes only.

For interior wood such as kitchens I always hand-paint them. I use a 4″ foam roller to apply the paint, and I lay it off with a 2″ angle sash brush, this creates a brush finish as opposed to a spray finish.

Do you paint kitchen units?

Yes. I hand-paint all kitchens on site.

A new kitchen will cost about €5,000 – €15,000 on average, whereas a hand-painted kitchen will be a fraction of the cost but will feel like a new kitchen.

The whole process usually takes a few days at least. I start by cleaning down the timber with Krud Kutter. Then I sand the timber. After that I remove all doors & hinges. And then I paint. Usually a hand-painted kitchen will require a coat of BIN Primer to kill the varnish & wood knots, then a coat of undercoat, followed by 2 top coats.

The doors will then be reassembled and you’re free to enjoy your new kitchen at a fraction of the cost.