What’s the best brand of paint?

In my opinion Colourtrend or Fleetwood is by far the most superior paint on the market for both interior & exterior. They may be a little bit more expensive, especially the interior paint, compared to other brands, but it’s worth it.

For interior, a 10 litre bucket of Colourtrend in a colour is about €120 for matt emulsion. Ceramic Matt is their best paint for walls, but it’s priced at about €130 per 10 litre bucket of colour. Fleetwood on the other hand is a cheaper alternative but with similar results.

For exterior, Fleetwood is the best paint for all exterior work. For a 10 litre bucket of Fleetwood in a colour it will cost about €65, whereas Colourtrend will cost about €85 euro per 10 litres. I find that Fleetwood holds up to the elements of the Irish weather better.

For wood such as doors, skirting, architrave & stairs a 5 litre can of Colourtrend satinwood waterbased will cost about €80. Fleetwood will cost about €70 and I feel it is a better paint and more durable.

The best branded paints are Colourtrend, Fleetwood & Dulux. But paint quality varies from product to product depending on what it is that is being painted.