What types of finishes are there to paint?

There are many types of finishes with paint, and they all differ in terms of interior, exterior & timber.

Interior: – Matt; a very flat finish with little to no shine on the walls. It’s the most common finish that people prefer in their house, but it might not be suitable if you have small children or pets as it’s quite a hard paint to clean.

– Soft-sheen; this is a paint with a medium shine to it. It costs a little bit more to buy, but it’s preferred by homeowners with small children or pets in their home as the walls are easily wiped clean.

– Washable matt; this has the advantage of being a matt finish with washable properties. It is now very common in houses especially as an alternative to soft sheen.

Exterior:    Most of the exterior paints, whether it’s Colourtrend, Dulux, Crown etc, will have a certain amount of a shine in them, but it’s not very noticeable.

Timber:    There are 2 types of bases in timber paint. Oil based & waterbased. Oil based was more commonly used in the past. It’s a tougher paint but the downsides are it takes very long to dry and leaves a strong odour that will stay in the home for a few days. It’s not suitable where there are children or pets in the house as the drying times and odour will impact on their use of the house for at least 12 hours.

Waterbased paint has become more commonly used today. The plus side of this paint is that it dries very quickly and the odours are quite low. Most waterbased satinwood or gloss now have improved since they were first introduced to the market. They are more durable than before and rival oil based now for their toughness.

Whether you choose oil based or waterbased timber paint, the following applies in terms of their finish;

– Satinwood; a flat finish with only minimal shine. It’s more commonly used nowadays.

– Eggshell; a very flat finish.

– Gloss; very shiny paint/varnish